Nanogenecs announces scientific advisory board with Prof. Kevin Plaxco and Dr. Gregory J. Tsongalis


Nanogenencs is proud to welcome Professor Kevin Plaxco, Director of the Center for Bioengineering, with joint appointments in Biomolecular Science and Engineering and Mechanical Engineering at UCSB, and Dr. Greg Tsongalis, director of the molecular pathology laboratory and co-director of the translational research program in the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College, in clinical biochemistry have joined the scientific advisor board of Nanogenecs. Dr. Plaxco’s research focuses on biosensors, electrochemistry, molecular biophysics, and biomaterials. Dr. Plaxco states “I’m impressed with the breadth and depth of he Nanogenecs team; they address the full picture of product development, from deep expertise in medical diagnostics and product engineering, to clinical development and manufacturing scale up. I look forward to helping to mature this promising technology etc etc.”

Dr. Tsongalis is a recognized expert in molecular pathology and clinical chemistry, and has served as past president of the Association of Molecular Pathology. “Nanogenecs’ vision reflects the changing approach to patient-centric healthcare. The platform enables simple yet accurate point of care testing by applying a fundamentally different technology, rather than simply downsizing complex lab equipment.”

Shahid Azim, CEO of Nanogenecs added “We are excited to welcome Drs. Plaxco and Tsongalis to our Scientific Advisory Board. Their expertise in biosensor technology and in vitro diagnostics nicely complement each other. We are confident that with the advice and network that our AdBoard brings, Nanogenecs will succeed in its goals to develop a biosensor-based platform for blood-based testing at home.”

About Nanogenecs

Nanogenecs is an early stage in vitro diagnostic company with the vision of enabling patients with chronic diseases to better manage their conditions through a platform for self-testing at home that yields equivalent results to the central lab. Test results will be integrated with remote care plans of the patient’s health care providers. Nanogenecs is commercializing a breakthrough technology of electrochemical DNA nanosensors for detection of biomarkers directly in whole blood from the lab of Prof. Alexis Vallée-Bélisle, Canada Research Chair in Bioengineering & Bionanotechnology and Associate Professor of Chemistry at Université de Montréal. Nanogenecs is incorporated in Canada. The team is co-located in Montreal and Boston.

Contact: Shahid Azim

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